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Why Choose a Cooperative Preschool?

Why Choose a Cooperative Preschool?
At S.U.M.C. parents choose 2 days each month to participate in their child’s classroom on a rotating basis and provide a snack for the children about once a month. In a busy world, it is a great way to carve out some special time with your preschooler. Parents are able to see first-hand what their children are learning while getting to know their child’s friends and teachers. It also allows parents to better understand their child’s development. Parents can also learn valuable teaching and guidance strategies through observing teacher/child interaction. All families become part of our thriving school community.
S.U.M.C. parents help govern the school through their classroom representative to the advisory board, their participation on classroom committees, and working side by side with their child’s teacher. S.U.M.C. works with parents to make the school experience enjoyable for the entire family.
S.U.M.C. also organizes a parent education program that addresses several areas of interest to parents of preschoolers.
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