SUMC Cooperative Preschool & Kindergarten - Because kids grow up in a Flash...

Established in 1965, Scottsdale United Methodist Cooperative Preschool and Kindergarten is committed to providing a rich learning experience. Our skilled faculty and staff emphasize play, enrichment through new experiences, family involvement, and sense of community in a safe and nurturing environment.  We respect each family's uniqueness, foster each child's individuality, and empower families to be active participants in their children's education and development. 

Our primary purpose is to foster a love of learning through engagement, understanding, and acceptance, allowing the students to experience academic, social, and developmental growth. Additionally, being a cooperative preschool, we provide parents a unique participatory role, thereby allowing families to learn more about their young children, watch them grow, and actively share in their learning.

"When I came to visit SUMC for the first time, I loved the atmosphere.  I stayed and returned for the great teaching, fun learning environment, and valuable co-op experience.  In regards to my child's first learning experience, I value most that he enjoys it and discovers that learning can be fun -- and that he is learning!"

-- SUMC Parent
"SUMC offers a very friendly and welcoming environment.  I like, too, that the school is very family- and community-oriented.  The time spent co-oping in the classroom is so much fun, and it's time that's priceless.   I value the life skills taught, as well.  My sons have been so well prepared for kindergarten!" 

-- SUMC Parent

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